Sunday School

Christian Education Programs for All Ages

All Sunday Education at Holy Apostles happens right after "coffee hour." We typically begin all classes by 11am. 

For Children: We have a wonderful group of volunteer teachers with age-appropriate classroom education available for your kids. Sunday school is right after coffee hour. Age groups are separated into classrooms. 

For Youth: Middle-High School kids are welcome in our Youth Room for some great conversations and education about real-life issues facing them today.

For Adults: O.A.S.I.S. (Orthodox Adults and Students In Study)

OASIS ~ (Adult Sunday School) is an exciting, fun-filled, educational learning environment for all post high school adults. We hope that you will bring your kids to be part of our other Sunday School programs, and be a part of our wonderful OASIS program at Holy Apostles yourself.

If you're curious about what kinds of things we talk about during OASIS, you can watch some of our class experiences on our videos page here

We hope to see you and your kids at Holy Apostles soon!

Want To Help? 

We're often in need of more
coordinators and helpers! If you are willing to
participate on any Sunday with our OASIS structure
(even if it's only a few times per year) to help lay a
lasting foundation to our young or adult members
and visitors, please contact Chad & Tammie Duskin
or Fr. Tom Tsagalakis.