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Jesus proclaimed 2000 years ago and says that same thing today to us, that, “we are to be baptized with water and we shall receive the power of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses to Him.” Jesus’ final words at His holy Ascension should empower us to proclaim His Gospel, His truth and to know that we will receive the power from the Holy Spirit to do His will. We are called to become His follower who will proclaim the truth that He is God, that He is the Light, that He is the door, that Jesus is the Way......

June-July-August Bulletin

As Orthodox Christians, we ‘get’ to celebrate the Feast of the Ascension forty days after Pascha and it is the last time we see Jesus in His body on earth. It was the time He physically left His apostles and mother behind with instructions. Jesus’ instructions were to wait for the Gift of the Father. That gift was the power of the Holy Spirit who would ignite this flame within their hearts to proclaim the message of Jesus’ Gospel, become an example of love and unfold the plan for salvation to the whole world!

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